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3/23/2024Bliss Wine & GiftsWauconda 6:00 PM

3/28/2024Vault 232Lake Zurich 6:00 PM

4/4/2024The Des Plaines TheatreDes Plaines 7:00 PM

4/6/2024Strawberry MoonWauconda 7:00 PM

4/12/2024Hey NonnyArlington Heights 7:00 PM

4/14/2024Federated Church of WaucondaWauconda 9:30 AM

4/18/2024Vault 232Lake Zurich 6:00 PM

5/16/2024Lindy's LandingWauconda 6:00 PM

5/17/2024The Grove Pub & GrillSpring Grove 6:30 PM

5/23/2024Vault 232Lake Zurich 6:00 PM

5/24/2024The Ridge HotelLake Geneva 7:00 PM

5/25/2024Strawberry MoonWauconda 7:00 PM

5/26/2024Sunset GrillAntioch 2:00 PM

6/1/2024Main Street Outfitter Bike ShopWauconda 7:00 PM

6/2/2024Sunset GrillAntioch2:00 PM

6/6/2024The Bottle ShopLake Geneva4:00 PM

6/7/2024Spring Grove Horse Fair ParkSpring Grove5:00 PM

6/9/2024Sunset GrillAntioch2:00 PM

7/5/2024The GroveSpring Grove6:30 PM

7/6/2024The Bottle ShopLake Geneva4:00 PM

7/7/2024Sunset GrillAntioch2:00 PM

7/11/2024Vault 232Lake Zurich6:00 PM

7/13/2024Sunset PavilionLake Zurich5:00 PM

7/18/2024Vault 232Lake Zurich6:00 PM

7/26/2024The Ridge HotelLake Geneva7:00 PM

7/27/2024Private PartyWauconda6:00 PM

8/1/2024Sunset GrillAntioch6:00 PM

8/2/2024The Quarry Cable Park & GrilleCrystal Lake6:00 PM

8/8/2024The Grove Pub & GrillSpring Grove6:30 PM

8/16/2024Private PartyBarrington6:00 PM

8/17/2024Sunset PavilionLake Zurich5:00 PM

8/22/2024Vault 232Lake Zurich6:00 PM

8/24/2024The Bottle ShopLake Geneva4:00 PM

9/13/2024Strawberry MoonWauconda7:00 PM

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